Hi, I am Rohit and I have erectile dysfunction problem. I knew I had this problem from past 1 year. Probably from past 6 years, I was having this issue and gradually it increased with time. I took me a lot of time to realize that I had erectile dysfunction. When I was 17 years old, I had Hodgkin lymphoma for which I underwent chemotherapy and radiation therapy. After that, there was some effect on the nerves because of which I developed erectile dysfunction. Since 2014, I was facing many health concerns and digestive problems too. To cure my ED, I started with medicines but even after high dosage of tablets, I was not able to improve my condition. After that, I went to another doctor for shock treatment. There was a bit of improvement after that therapy but I wasn’t much satisfied. Then, at that time, I researched a lot about stem cell therapy and I read a lot about it. It is a new technology and the results are promising. Though there aren’t many centres offering this treatment, I explored a lot. I contacted Viezec via mail and they explained me the whole process and also told me about the fees via call and Whatsapp. I came here and I am taking stem cell treatment. I am hopeful that my condition will improve. I was given the growth factors injection the first day. My penis was injected with stem cell injections. My treatment was very satisfactory and the staff of Viezec is very professional and skillful.