Stem cell therapy for Lung disease

Lung Transplant and Lung Cancer Treatment by Stem Cell Therapy in India 

Stem cell therapy is the new breakthrough in the field of health. In the therapy, patients do not an organ donor. Our network of institutes and hospitals are leaders of regenerative medicine devoted to providing stem cell therapies and other forms of regenerative treatments for different types of diseases, including lung disease. With the years of medical experience, the physicians have gained global recognition for the successful application of innovative and minimally invasive stem cell therapies in New Delhi for lung and other diseases. In the procedure, stem cell transplants are deployed by utilizing autologous stem cells and platelet-rich plasma to ensure curing of damaged tissue.

Some of the Major Manifestations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder in patients include the following:

  • Chronic cough with a lot of mucus 
  • Severe shortness of breath 
  • Weight loss 
  • Blue skin color, especially in the lips, fingers, and toes (called cyanosis)
  • Fluid buildup in the legs and feet (called edema) 
  • Life-threatening COPD flare-ups 

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