Lung Transplant and Lung Cancer Treatment by Stem Cell Therapy in India

Stem cell therapy is the new breakthrough in the field of medical health science. In the stem cell therapy for Lung Disease in India, the patients do not need an organ donor in this case. Our network of institutes and hospitals are leaders in the regenerative medicine devoted to providing stem cell therapies and other forms of regenerative treatments for different types of diseases, including the lung disease. With the abounding years of medical experience and expertise, the physicians have gained global recognition for the successful application of the innovative and minimally invasive stem cell therapy for Lung disease in Delhi along with other diseases. In the procedure, stem cell transplants are deployed by utilizing an autologous stem cells and a platelet-rich plasma is imbibed to ensure adept and fast cure of the damaged tissue.

Some of the Major Manifestations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder in patients include the following:

    • Chronic cough with a lot of mucus
    • Severe shortness of breath
    • Weight loss
    • Blue skin color, especially in the lips, fingers, and toes (called cyanosis)
    • Fluid buildup in the legs and feet (called edema)
    • Life-threatening COPD flare-ups


Where are stem cells acquired from for to cure Lung Disease?

While most of the people associate stem cell therapy for Lung Diseases in Delhi with unborn fetus, it is infact actually possible to acquire stem cells from the adult human body. They exist in plenty of sites from blood, muscles, skin, liver, to, brain, bone marrow, and teeth.

Stem cells are quiet flexible. Hematopoietic stem cells, are the variant which can easily turn into a variety of cell types which helps compose the human blood and immune system. The Mesenchymal stem cell can actually cause the transition into muscle cells, bone cells, fat cells, and cartilage cells, and others.

The adult stem cells which have the capability to transform the stem cells to benefit the lung disease have posed as a notable trouble to the researchers and physicians. Not only do the lung cells age slowly this makes it hard to heal, but they are difficult to locate. The stem cells produce new and fairly critical ways to support the overall function of alveoli or air sacs, which can inflate and deflate, this allows lung to exchange gas. Progenitor cells, are like one of those stem cells which can fairly give rise to plenty of multiple types of cells but are much more “niched” in what the end result would be, it is also abundant and can fairly contribute well into the treatment.

The different stem cells are relatively swifter and easier to isolate from the adult lungs via the use of a surface marker, if you wish to land up with the best treatment and want superior quality of service then you must consider stem cell therapy for Lung Disease in India.

How Do Scientists and Physicians Harvest and Use These Cells?

Once physicians have acquired the stem cells and it is presented to them for use, they inject the stem cells into the patient’s body. These have the capability to reverse or cure damage. Scientists have gone as far as even demonstrating that human stem cell take to root inside mice, showing their potential. The most promising outcome of this study was that stem cells do more than simply replace tissue in damaged structures. They actually create new air pathways.

Risks of Stem Cell Treatments for Lungs

Despite the promise of the type of regenerative medicine, there still exist several risks in the path of stem cell treatments. First and foremost, there exist a major issue of where the stem cells must be acquired from. However, in most cases, it is possible to harvest and re-inject the stem cells from the patient’s own body.

Researchers collect and isolate the cells, then encourage the proliferation and back into the host. However, in some cases, this isn’t possible. For instance, the patient’s own cells are too damaged, and are not capable enough to be re injected. Also, in case the patient suffers from cancer of any type this is not an ideal treatment then.

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