Alopecia Areata is one of the most common T cell-mediated autoimmune skin ailments, resulting in chronic and reverting hair loss from the scalp, hair and neck. In simple terms, the immune system gets confused and begins attacking the hair follicle considering it as an invader to the body. This ailment can significantly disturb an individual resulting in psychological issues, annoyance andself-pity. However, the good news is that there are stem cell therapies obtainable for Alopecia Areata (AA). Stem Cell treatment for Alopecia Areata in India are offered by the best hospital and reputed medical institutes with the best doctors and surgeons who are well aware of how to best offer treatment.


The key symptom of Alopecia Areata is hair loss. Hair loss ensues from the scalp in the form of patches ranging some centimeters or less. These patches may transpire on other portions of the body. The loss of hair related with Alopecia Areata is unpredictable and random. The degree of hair loss and re-growth differs from person to person.


We use the matchless technology of Mesenchymal stem cells mined from Wharton’s jelly (WJ) for treating Alopecia Areata. WJ-MSCs offer economical and pain-free collection technique that might be cryogenic ally stockpiled and are tremendously advantageous for tissue engineering purpose. The treatment will come about in four steps which consist of:

Qualification for the treatment: Our specialists will probe your past medical history and symptoms to gauge the severity of your condition. A series of examinations will be implemented to comprehend the phase of disease. There will be pre-treatment evaluations and pre-operative evaluations. According to the test outcomes, our specialists will recommend the patient for further course of the process.

Source Extraction: With supervision and approval from the doctor, the source of extraction will be decided. On the whole, WJ-MSCs are the most potent allogenic sources obtainable. Stem cells from a healthy individual (the donor) are transported to the patient’s body. A bone marrow donor is considered for allogenic stem cell transplantation. A scraping from the interiors of the patient and his or her sibling’s cheek is tested to ascertain the tissue type. A professional will scrutinize to identity Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLAs). If the HLA on the donor cells are identical or alike, the transplant is more likely to be prosperous.

Laboratory Processing: The extracted samples will be sent to government approved cGMP lab for processing. The sample management will take place in an ultramodern facility in defiance with the ISO and GMP standards and using the newest technologies. The customer will receive a third party certificate from globally accredited lab for quality purpose.

Stem Cell treatment for Alopecia Areata in Delhi, India : Once the stem cells are prepared to be implanted, the physician will pinpoint the most potent technique of infusion centered on the patient’s physical and mental well-being.

Stem Cell treatment for Alopecia Areata in India Aftercare: in this stage, the patient will be asked to visit the doctor. The doctor might recommend some rehabilitation programs such as communication and social interaction, physiological counseling and further assessment.

What causes hair loss in males?

In numerous males, hair loss follows an unpleasantly specific pattern of phalacrosis, which is most of the days revealed to be hereditary in nature. A number of the environmental factors have moreover found to be accountable for the male pattern baldness owing to uncommon activation of a number of the secondary hormones; which might eventually end in weakening of hair follicles, yield hairless regions.

What causes hair loss in females?

Hair thinning in girls has been discovered as an outcome of numerous inborn conditions like motor vehicle immunity, hereditary, puberty, etc. Stem Cell treatment for Alopecia Areata in India has great reputed and qualified surgeons and hospital. Numerous differing environmental factors like age, nutrition, stress, surgery, medicine and sickness are equally liable for uncommon dilution of hair follicles and hair loss.

How considerably will it distress my life?

This is an unpleasantly obvious concern which is communicated by their specific condition to the people falling within the class of young generation. In all likelihood, some of them could also be obvious for his or her look and should even don’t make out that they could got to support the matter all through their life. Amid all possibilities, the comforting news is that the illness is neither excruciating nor enfeebling. Although, it doesn’t have an effect on once life expectancy; the emotional facets of being with the sickness are often quite difficult part; predominantly in a very society peculiar hair as a signal of youth and beauty’s.

Stem Cell treatment for Alopecia Areata in India is offering the best treatment possible for the condition.

Is there any treatment for the condition?

Traditionally, only topical applicators were available for the condition like creams, ointments, wigs, etc. but the treatments that were prior used weren’t fruitful or enough in fixing the condition or preventing the progression of the illness. However, with the help of contemporary technology and scientific advancements, it is presently possible to implement stem cells treatment as a routine method to treat such a cosmetic condition.

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