If we talk about the cost of stem cell therapy in India, then various studies and certified experts state that it may vary depending on numerous factors, which might include the following:

  • Centre location
  • Quality of the treatment procedure
  • Stem cells used for the process
  • Attainability of treatment
  • The main source of therapy
  • It depends on the condition individual have

However, at Viezec Stem Cell Institute, we have made pricing plans of an approx. 10,000 USD for the conditions, including:

  • Neurodisorders: For the treatment of neurological disorders, several patients visited us for the cure of their particular condition. And they shared their experience with us about the treatment results, for which they are very thankful, and mentioned that they could observe positive outcomes in their condition at a very competitive price of only approx. 10,000 USD
  • Eye Disorders: Patients with the eye condition can undergo stem cell therapy at the cost of approx. 10,000 USD, and you can also get some additional supportive therapies after and before the stem cell procedure
  • Organ-Specific: If people with a disease like a lung disease, liver conditions, or erectile dysfunction are looking for a safe, effective, and affordable alternative treatment option, then you should consider seeking the help of stem cell therapy and our certified experts at just proximately 10,000 USD
  • Orthopedic: Our treatment for orthopedic conditions includes elbow, spine, knee, hip, shoulder, hand, foot, ankle, and wrist stem cell procedures. And you can get these therapies with supportive treatment at roughly 10,000 USD, or for more details about the cost. You can visit our website.

There are various other conditions like infertility, diabetes, and more that we are taking care of at a very affordable pricing plan. If you have any other queries or concerns, you can directly make an appointment with our experts.

India has become the most selected destination for patients in terms of stem cell therapy due to its efficiency, and reasonable.